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Repair facility

de Boer's Golf Shop and Training Centers features a full service repair and custom club facility. Our trained staff can make any adjustments and modifications that your clubs may need. From regrips to reshafts and iron/putter bending, our trained staff can get the job done. de Boer's Golf Shoppes carries grips from all major manufacturers to fit your personal preferences. Our shop provides quick turnaround on service, while still ensuring the high quality you would expect out of any professional repair shop. So if it's time to replace those grips or get custom fit for your clubs, trust de Boer's Golf Shoppes and Training Centers to take care of you and your clubs!

de Boer's Golf Shop, "Helping you play better golf"!

Repair Shop Rates and Services

Re-gripPrice of grip
Re-size grip$ 10
Re-attach Head$ 20
Shorten ClubPrice of Grip
Shorten Club (Save Grip)$ 10
Re-shaft$ 20 plus price of shaft
Drill Out$ 20
Lie and Loft Adjustment$ 5 per club
Shaft Extension$ 15 per club
Re-spike shoes$ 25 per pair

Service (Material Supplied)Price
Re-grip (grip supplied)
Build Up Grips
Re-shaft (shaft supplied)$40 per club ($20 to pull and prep, $20 for install)