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The Dual Radar Technology enables even more data to be captured. Due to its focused, high-resolution radar beam, the TrackMan 4 launch monitor provides the user with the greatest detail and accuracy of the club and ball at the moment of impact. The amount of detail achieved in the club delivery and ball flight is greatly superior to what is possible through Single Radar Technology. 

This advancement provides the perfect foundation for analysis and diagnosis. Conclusive data is delivered in an easy-to-understand format, empowering professionals to excel in their training routines.

Don’t guess what you can measure.

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de Boer's Golf Shop and Fitting Centre is a certified custom club fitter for all of our manufacturers/suppliers. We pride ourselves in the knowledge and fitting experience we have on staff, and will ensure that your clubs are built specifically for you. Off the shelf clubs are designed for "the average Joe or Jane", where your custom clubs are built specifically for your physical size, swing, strength, skill etc. We focus on ensuring that the golf club you are purchasing from our store is built to match you and your game, in order to "Help you play better golf". We want to ensure you have the right equipment for the job before hitting the links.​                    

Custom fitting involves a fitting session where de Boer's staff analyze your swing, build, strength and ability. We focus on shaft type and flex, length, lie and loft of the golf club and grip texture and size. All of these factors can be customized. We work through the process and the result is a better matched golf club for you.

In combination with their de Boer's training and experience, out staff is trained by each manufacturer in order to provide our renowned club fittings. This involves looking at both stock and aftermarket components. We ensure that our custom fitting program doesn't cost you any extra money, unless absolutely necessary. If that is the case, we are upfront with associated costs and give you options regarding components. Our view is that if we aren't being charged to build better fit, better suited and better performing golf clubs for our customers, then why should we charge you!

Come on down and talk to one of our trained fitting professionals and get fit today! Book by appointment or select walk in times are also available! 


½ Hour - $25.00 - 1 Hour - $40.00

Craig McArthur Lessons

Phone: 780-288-5413

Email: McArthurPGA@icloud.com

1 Private Lesson - $110.00

3 Private Lessons - $300.00

5 Private Lessons - $450.00

10 Private Lessons - $800.00

Please any more questions contact us at deboersgolf@telus.net or by calling 780-430-8864.